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Poker History

Poker History
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The real things to know is that folks will stand to lose more than they will to win. That's the most important percentage there is. I mean, if they lose, they're willin' to lose everything. If they win, they're usually satisfied to win enough to pay for dinner and a show. The best gamblers know that.
Pug Pearson - Poker Legend

I do my best to promote the World Series of Poker. That's kind of the reason I do what I do - not for personal recognition. It's to pay my dues back to poker.
Doyle Brunson - Two Time WSOP Main Event Champion

Hold em is to stud what chess is to checkers.
Johnny Moss - Three Time WSOP Main Event Champion

You have to be two things that don't often co-exist. You have to be tenacious; you can never give up and you have to fight over every chip. But at the same time, you have to be incredibly patient to win in the World Series of Poker.
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson - 2000 WSOP Main Event Champion